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Medphar was funded in 2001 aiming to help industrial companies and suppliers of the pharmaceutical industry and similar like cosmetic, food in having an assessment of its operations and support projects and plans or needs for adequation and development or renovation of its facilities.

Medphar has available professionals highly qualified and recognized in this pharma industry Field with more than 40 years of experience, with intense activity in this industry, even in executive activity.

Our focus is to provide the development of companies who needs expertise to solve their conceptual and operational problems. Our deliveries will impact directly in productivity and quality increase and consequently lower cost.

Medphar has a wide network that provides local and foreign partnerships at service and deliveries to client. Our group Is formed by engineering professionals, quality and productivity (Lean Six Sigma, PDCA) and pharmaceutical industrial processes who works in collaboration in pre feasibility projects, viability and basic (conceptual) with more than 10 years  of experience.

Medphar focus is in the following services to our clients:

- Development and changes on formulations and processes

- Projects, prospects and technical evaluation of processes, search of alternatives and adjustments , new constructions and renovations to comply with regulatory requirements.

-Development of industrial process, lay outs, dimensioning production volumes, analysis and definition of equipment and operational procedures.

-Follow up on product stability results and recommendation

- Materials supplier’s qualification, packaging evaluation and equipment fitness

- Technical specifications design ( tracking and ID)

- Implementation of Six Sigma methodology and Lean manufacturing for process analysis and continuous improvement

- Pharmaceutical assessment

- Technical due diligence for plants and facilities evaluation prior acquisition

-Technical  reports and opinion

- Training and internal audits prior to regulatory audits

- Support to HR agencies for technical interview on hiring professionals for pharma industry.

- Evaluation of product line to decide if make or buy.

Quality Policy

Medphar will pursue in its works the right measure to develop its projects and studies, using what is needed and recommended by specifications and standards, for complete client satisfaction.

Neif T. Ribeiro


Deliver always adequate solutions in quality, cost and time delivery that meets client expectations.



To be a company who is different by treatment and approach of the experience of clients problems, keeping always a clear and open behavior.



Look for the Best solution that have the best cost/benefit related to client

- Use always the most adequate methodology that fits exactly the clients needs.

- Respect clients opinion but leaving clear our own


Our clients and partners:

Basic engineering

  • Vale
  • LSE-Laboratório de sistamas estruturais
  • Petrobrás
  • Centro de estruturas navais – Poli-USP
  • Farmoquímica, Farmacêutica e equipamentos
  • Nortec Químca
  • Neo Químca
  • União Químca
  • Fresenius
  • Sanofi-Aventis
  • Blanver
  • IGTF
  • AMI
  • Almapal
  • Statura
  • RBPharma.